Meet our Elkhounds

In the fall I hunt elk with my faithful companion Boss. Boss is a nice guy, he has achieved a lot. He is an extraordinary dog! During the autumn 2009 I shot 2 calves for him. He has also proven to be a good track hound. Together we found a 12-tined autumn 2009. This autumn 2011, we have been shooting several mooses for Boss.  Every year Boss has got one or several mooses. Autum 2014 the team shot a 10- tined for him. Boss became 11 years in December 2016 and we got several mooses for him during the hunting season in 2016.

Agona was a very good dog, especially as  track hound. We have tracked together many many times, both elks which have been shot at and also those who been injured by traffic accidents! She is no longer with us after disease. Totally I have shot 18 elks the largest a 10-tined in September 2007.

Some pics of our Elkhounds and from the hunting.

Fantastic nature experience

With our highly qualified sled dogs guides and well-trained friendly dogs - Alaskan Husky - we respond to a high quality and unforgettable nature experience.